By changing the eyepiece on your telescope, different magnifications can be achieved. All Celestron telescopes ship with at least one eyepiece.

The Omni series is a premium 4 element Plössl optical design, offering minimal internal reflection. Each lens element has multiple coatings to maximise light transmission and contrast.

The X-Cel series is a premium 6-element Plössl optical design with multiple coatings to maximise light transmission and contrast. All sizes offer a large 60° field of view. The range is parfocal which allows you to switch between eyepeices with little or no refocussing.

Eyepiece kits are a great way of having a wide range of magnification options available. Kits always come with a storage case or box, and some also contain a variety of filters - to bring out more detail on planets such as the ice caps on Mars.

Eyepiece example magnification guide

Example Eyepiece Focal Length (Printed on the barrel) Example Telescope Focal Length (Printed on the optical tube) Eyepiece Magnification
4mm 660mm 165x
6mm 660mm 110x
9mm 660mm 73x
12mm 660mm 55x
15mm 660mm 44x
25mm 660mm 26x
50mm 660mm 13x
4mm 1000mm 250x
6mm 1000mm 167x
9mm 1000mm 111x
12mm 1000mm 83x
15mm 1000mm 67x
25mm 1000mm 40x
50mm 1000mm 20x
4mm 1325mm 331x
6mm 1325mm 221x
9mm 1325mm 147x
12mm 1325mm 110x
15mm 1325mm 88x
25mm 1325mm 53x
50mm 1325mm 27x

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