Fujifilm Premium Compact Cameras

Bigger Sensor

Compact cameras typically have small sensors, which are essential if you want to pack a large zoom range into a pocket-sized camera. But putting lots of pixels onto a small sensor reduces picture quality. Fujifilm premium compact cameras, however, have sensors that are larger than those in a typical compact camera. This means that they deliver improved picture quality over ordinary compacts, most notably when shooting in low-light conditions.

High Quality Lenses

In addition to featuring larger sensors, Fujifilm premium compact cameras also offer high-quality lenses. In the case of the X100F, the lens has just one focal length, so it delivers exceptionally high-quality images, while other premium Fujifilm models offer 4x zoom, which strikes the balance between providing great-quality images and delivering sufficient zoom range for most applications.

Fully Featured

Premium compacts are often favoured by photographers who occasionally want to leave their interchangeable-lens camera at home, but don’t want this decision to limit their picture-taking potential. With this in mind, Fujifilm models have a whole suite of creative functions. From a full selection of exposure modes and metering patterns through to bracketing functions and creative digital filters, it’s all there – so you can concentrate on capturing great images.

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