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Iconic Nikon FM2 Design with Z-Series Technology

The Nikon Z fc combines iconic Nikon FM2 SLR design with Nikon Z-series innovation. The compact & lightweight, easy-to-use design makes this camera  ideal for both existing and first-time mirrorless camera users. At the heart of the Z fc is a 20.9 megapixel APS-C sensor and is powered by Nikon's EXPEED 6 processor to give super-fast AF and 4K video features originally introduced on the Nikon Z 7II and Nikon Z 6II. The ISO range goes from ISO 100-51200 expandable up to an impressive 204800. Nikon is releasing two new lenses that complement its heritage style; the NIKKOR Z DX 16-50mm f/3.5-6.3 VR Silver Edition and NIKKOR Z 28mm f/2.8 Silver Edition. See our full range of Nikon Z-series lenses.



Nikon Z fc Product Specification

  • A natural view with minimum aberration is achieved with the EVF that employs an organic EL panel 

  • Video recording supporting 4K UHD without crop using the DX-based movie image area

  • Supports Full-time AF (AF-F) dedicated for video recording

  • Slow-motion video shooting is made easy by simply selecting an image size and frame rate

  • Supports Webcam Utility, software that enables the Nikon Z fc to be used as a web camera

  • Product package and accompanying camera strap match the style of Nikon Z fc’s heritage design

  • Supports USB power delivery with the camera turned on as well as USB charging 

Design inspiration from a legendary camera

Here, there is passion in the detail. The pentaprism design and the balance between black and silver elements on the Nikon Z fc’s body reflect the FM2, as do the adoption of a circular eyepiece for the electronic viewfinder (EVF), the design of the dials, and the inscribed Nikon logo from the 1970-80s. Reliable robustness is achieved by employing magnesium alloy while still remaining lightweight and portable.

Simplified operation and creative expression

The top of Nikon Z fc’s body features three dials and a small window that displays the aperture. The dials control shutter speed, exposure compensation and ISO sensitivity, enabling setting changes with simple operation. Further, the i button and i menu, which allow users to quickly adjust a variety of settings with the press of a button, can be customised based on the user’s individual shooting preferences.

For the first time in a Nikon Z series camera, the Nikon Z fc supports exposure compensation during AUTO mode, enabling users to achieve their desired expression by increasing brightness and enhancing silhouettes, etc. The camera also features 20 Creative Picture Control options that deliver unique expressions. By selecting themes with different parameters such as hue, toning and saturation, users can express a variety of moods, as well as adjust effects to their taste.

Enhanced focus capabilities and vari-angle shooting

The Nikon Z fc supports Eye-Detection AF and Animal-Detection AF with the shooting of stills and video—features originally introduced on the Nikon Z 7II and Nikon Z 6II. The wide-area AF (L) AF-area mode is supported, further ensuring the clear capture of eyes and faces by limiting the focusing area. Continuous focus on the eyes of the intended subject when there are several people in the frame, or the tracking of eyes of a pet that’s moving, can also be achieved.

The capture of clear stills and videos in dark situations is made possible by covering a wide standard sensitivity range of ISO 100-51200*. Additionally, vertical shooting from low or high angles is enabled with the adoption of the first vari-angle monitor among Z series cameras. When the monitor is rotated to the front, the camera automatically switches to self-portrait mode, enabling smooth selfie shooting with touch operation.


Increased connectivity via SnapBridge Ver. 2.8

The SnapBridge app can be used to transfer photos and videos recorded with the camera to a smart device, making it easy for users to share them on social media. The latest camera firmware can also be obtained through the application. 

Snapbridge Ver. 2.8, with a new user interface, now supports two automatic connection modes: foreground mode and background mode. The foreground mode connects with the camera only when the app is activated, reducing camera battery consumption. The background mode features a constant connection, transferring images automatically even when the app is not activated.

Watch our video on the Nikon Z fc below 

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