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The photo was taken During the school half term Holidays at the National Trust property: Cragside, Northumberland. 

My little boy is 2-1/2 and  has Cerebral Palsy which causes a Weakness in his left side of his body. We try to take him to places like this as often as we can because I don’t want his disability to get in the way of him having a normal childhood and life. (And it doesn’t) 

For this shot I used a Fuji XT1 with a manual focus pre-set Helios 44 lens from 1960’s soviet Russia. The lens design is copied from the Zeiss Biotar and for me gives superb Bokeh.  The Fuji EVF really made nailing focus so much easier with such an old awesome lens. 

I love capturing moments like this because they will live forever now. I was spurred into photography myself because my Late granda used to take me out as a young child to the seaside every weekend. Some of my best childhood memories are there with him and sadly there are no photographs of us down there. Those memories are only in my head now and I’m adamant this will not be the case for my children. 


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