Speedlight Workshop


Using a flashgun or speedlight can be a daunting task for any photographer. The massive range of functions available on modern flashguns can be confusing and frustrating, with many photographers struggling to take control of this creative piece of equipment. The Jessops Academy have put together this one day workshop which covers a wide range of topics to help you take control of your equipment and get the most out of your speedlight.

On The Day

This course is for you if

  • Have knowledge of aperture and depth-of field control
  • Understand how to adjust ISO
  • Know how to adjust shutter speeds
  • Understand focusing and lens control
  • On this course you will learn

  • Types of speedlight/flashgun
  • Slave flash
  • Wireless systems
  • Modifiers
  • Multiple flash use
  • Full Terms and Conditions

    Recommended Equipment

    Equiment Required: DSLR
    Equiment Required: Mirrorless Camera
    Mirrorless Camera
    Equiment Required: Batteries
    Equiment Required: Memory Cards
    Memory Cards
    Equiment Required: Flashgun
    Equiment Required: Flashgun Trigger
    Flashgun Trigger
    Equiment Required: Tripod

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