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DJI FPV Experience Combo

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    DJI FPV Experience Combo

    Kit Includes:

    • 2x DJI FPV Air Unit
    • 1x DJI FPV Goggles

    DJI FPV Goggles

    The new DJI FPV Goggles with digital image transmission features high definition, low latency, strong immersion, long-distance transmission, and strong anti-interference. Target users are racing drone pilots and FPV enthusiasts.

    The DJI FPV Goggles utilize the DJI HDL FPV Transmission to provide pilots with remarkable HD resolution for both viewing screens. Pilots can now enjoy both superb image quality and minium latency within 28ms

    HD Image Quality

    The DJI FPV Goggles support and record in 720p/60fps. This high-quality HD view is paired with a latency within 28 ms, providing users with a clear view and faster performance.

    Instant Playback

    Videos recorded and saved on the microSD card can be replayed instantly through the DJI FPV Goggles.

    Audience Mode

    Pilots can share camera views with other

    DJI FPV Goggles that are set to Audience mode, allowing viewers to see what the racers see.

    Compatible with Analog Video Transmission

    The DJI Digital FPV System can be used with analog image transmission via a third-party receiver, allowing users to switch between AV and digital video transmissions.

    FPV Air Unit

    The FPV Air Unit features an ultra-low-latency high-definition digital image transmission, 1080p/60fps video recording, and eight frequency channels, allowing eight pilots to fly simultaneously.


    DJI FPV Googles
    DJI FPV Remote Controller

    In the Box

    • DJI FPV Air Unit (with camera and four M2 screws) x1
    • Three-in-one cable x1
    • Antenna (MMCX elbow) x2


    Air Unit (Camera included): 45.8 g
    3.9 g (MMCX elbow each)