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Dust-Off Junior Duster

Product Code: 5317990

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    You expect two things out of your PC or consumer electronic equipment: Performance and reliability. In order to sustain or even boost PC performance and ensure that the electronic assets stored within the workings of your electronic equipment are protected, the equipment itself must be maintained. For over 30 years, Dust-Off® has been the cornerstone in helping rid harmful dust and other contaminants from your equipment and other household items.

    Today, Dust-Off® remains the staple for electronic maintenance practices; however, its cleaning versatility has been identified by consumers as a safe and effective maintenance tool for hundreds of applications from car interiors to woodcrafts to pastel drawings.

    Compact. Disposable. Indispensable for places where space is tight. Perfect for camera bags, tool kits, desktops, and darkrooms. Same efficient blasting power as larger models. Includes extension tube to get in hard to reach places. 100% ozone safe, contains a bitterant to help discourage inhalant abuse.