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FeiyuTech AK4500 Gimbal

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    The FeiyuTech AK4500 is a 3-axis motorised gimbal for DSLRs and mirrorless cameras and is an update to the AK4000. The maximum load capacity of the AK4500 has been increased to 4.6kg and the gimbal has been made a little lighter. It also has a new handle to allow for easier control. The AK4500 carbon is constructed from carbon fibre and ultra-light space grade aluminium alloy to give a high-quality handling experience.

    Strong & Light
    Constructed from ultra-light space grade aluminium alloy and carbon bre, the AK4500 weighs in at just 1.6kg, making it extremely light. A robust set of motors give this gimbal a max payload of 4.6kg.

    Quick Response & Smooth Control
    The AK4500 features a versatile ergonomic detachable handle which gives you the flexibility to operate the gimbal with both hands. The new dual layer camera adapter plate ensures easy attachment and compatibility with the majority of camera brands.

    Adjust focus, zoom, sensitivity, white balance and other settings using the LCD touch screen, which no longer requires the phone app. This is all made possible by the auxiliary expansion interface that features 3 multi-functional USB ports, follow focus kit, audio ports and remote control.

    Fast Loading
    The unique double-layer quick installation system is designed with a secondary structure which meets the specications of Manfrottos fast-load and ARCA Swiss Type standard. After levelling the camera, it can then be swiftly removed and installed without having to level again.

    Three-axis lock button & detachable handle
    The AK4500 enables a series of angles and possibilities and features torque motor lock button design that can be used to lock 3-axis during levelling to prevent shaking. A detachable handle enables the gimbal to be folded down small – perfect for easy transportation.


    Weight 1.6kg