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FeiyuTech AK2000 Gimbal with AK Follow Focus II

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    The FeiyuTech AK2000 is a 3-axis single-handed Gimbal with a maximum load capacity of 2.8kg, compatible with DSLRs & mirrorless cameras and lightweight camcorders. The AK2000 features a bevelled angle design so there's nothing blocking your camera screen during shooting. The Feiyu On app lets you adjust settings and perform various actions remotely.

    Lightweight and Powerful
    The ultra-large torque motors and high-performance chip of the AK2000 support the payload capacity and intelligent anti-shake algorithm and is capable of being used in extreme environments. With a maximum load capacity of 2.8kg, you can be sure that your camera is fully supported, providing the perfect solution for both steady photos and video footage.

    Multi-functional Magic Ring
    This high-precision magnetic induction knob can control the cameras focus and zoom functions but also can be used to control the high-precision rotation of the motor, giving you a cradle-like experience. Simply rotate the ring to control multiple features of the gimbal and camera.

    Low Power LCD Touch Panel
    This unique touch panel uses a simple swipe left/right interface and allows for easy adjustment of user settings such as follow focus, zoom, sensitivity, ISO. white balance, exposure compensation, motor speed/scene setting and auto-rotation mode settings. The screen can also be locked preventing accidently touch commands when in use.

    WiFi + Bluetooth dual module connection
    Use the Feiyu ON APP to connect to the camera and set up parameters via Bluetooth. You can also connect to compatible devices using Wi-Fi and control features such as shooting, focus, zoom, sensitivity adjustment, ISO adjustment, white balance, exposure compensation, and switching mode function. You can also edit all footage on the app.

    Bevelled angle design
    Simple design style, the popular bevelled angle design doesn't obstruct the screen during shooting allowing for easy framing.

    FeiyuTech AK Follow Focus II
    This gimbal also comes with the Follow Focus II system. This includes new features such as motor calibration, focus route calibration, indicator light, auto focus, function buttons and follow focus sleep mode providing accurate control of stability. The Follow Focus II system can be easily installed above or below the lens on both the AK2000 gimbal.

    • Max. tilting range: 360 degrees
    • Max. rolling range: 360 degrees
    • Max panning range: 360 degrees
    • Tilting speed: 2/s - 75/s
    • Panning speed: 3/s - 150/s
    • Usage time: 12 hours
    • Load weight: 2800g
    • Weight: 1252g