• A picture of FeiyuTech SPG Gimbal
  • A picture of FeiyuTech SPG Gimbal

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FeiyuTech SPG Gimbal

Product Code: 5299501

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    Smart Portrait Mode
    Ideal motorized gimbal for live streaming on Facebook Periscope Meerkat, offering adjustable panning angle in vertical mode with cameras automatically directed to users.

    Precise Balance Aadjustment
    Slide bar balance system to adapt to phones and action cameras of various sizes and weight including iPhone 7 Plus, Samsung, HTC, HUAWEI with lens clips, and GoPro HERO series.

    Smart Face Tracking
    Following target face and guiding gimbal movement accordingly powered by the evolving Feiyu ON app, also featuring dynamic panorama and auto-focus for extra creativeness.

    Intuitive User Interface
    Powering on, off and switching among various modes with just one button, accurately adjusting camera angles via a 4-way joystick, remote controlling phone camera shutter via Bluetooth connected shutter button.

    Excellent Craftmanship
    Enhanced finish with revolutionary unibody motor arm for sports camera and smartphone gimbals to ensure better anti-shake performance, built from solid aluminum alloy, super lightweight and comfortable by rubberized handle grip, up to 8 hours’ runtime from a single 22650 Li-ion battery.