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Hahnel proCube 2 Charger Olympus

Product Code: 5317174

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    Main Features

    • Charges one or two batteries simultaneously
    • Intelligent fast IC charge control
    • Supplied with interchangeable UK, Euro and US plugs
    • 12V Car lead included
    • Integrated 2.4A USB charger
    • AA Tray charges 4 AA batteries simultaneously** Supplied with required battery plates

    LCD Display

    • Power on/off indicator
    • LCD display shows Battery charge status, while charging
    • High-end LCD display with improved visibility
    • Battery health check
    • The mAh reading on the LCD display shows how much capacity (mAh) has been added during charging*

    Cable-Less Battery Plate
    Previous wired plate replaced with a user- friendly cable-less version

    USB Power Source
    For practically all devices with USB power input iPhone, iPod, PDA, Game Console and many more

    Universal Worldwide Plugs

    Reduced in Size
    Rating changed from 1200mA to 1500mA

    Charge one or two batteries simultaneously

    Charges AA Ni-Mh batteries