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Jessops VHS tape to DVD - per tape

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    Your precious home movies, video and camcorder tapes are all susceptible to degrading just like photos, slides and negatives are. Unfortunately, most of us don’t have an archival storage room in the house, so temperature, light, dust, age and usage are all factors that impact on the quality of the footage on the tape. The average life span of a video tape is just 10 x years, so don’t put off converting your precious memories to digital format, eventually the footage will literally fade away.

    Our video digitisation service is so simple to order, no need to worry how many minutes are on the tape and no need to worry what format your tape is, we offer a single price per tape service. We adopt an archival approach to every tape, meaning each tape is rewound to the very beginning and all of the content on the whole tape is captured and then returned to you as an exact digital replica on DVD for you to enjoy with your friends and family time and time again.

    Any questions? Just email us at restore@jessops.com

    What Tapes Can We Digitise?
    We accept any of the below formats:

    • VHS
    • VHS c

    What do I get back?

    • We will always return your original tapes
    • You will receive a DVD disc
    • If you have chosen titles these will be added to the beginning of your digital footage

    Considerations - important

    • The service is priced per tape provided
    • Tapes that have visible mould will not be processed – this can be identified as a white clouding on the tape seen through the plastic viewing panel on the tape
    • Blank tapes will be charged for
    • Please ensure that your titles are spelt correctly when providing the text
    • Video tapes are restricted to 360 x minutes in length

    Additional Options

    • Title £5.00 - Titles are digitally applied to the beginning of each tape footage with a maximum of 100 x characters. Titles are white text over black background in Times New Roman font. Titles appear for 5 x seconds at the beginning of footage.
    • Extra Disc £10.00 - An additional copy of each tape provided on disc.

    Instructions – How to order

    • Add all of your items to the basket, including any extras such as an additional DVD and our ‘title adding’ service
    • At the checkout select ‘Home Delivery’ (this mail order service is not available for collect at store)
    • When prompted to ‘select a delivery option’, please select ‘£0.00 Delivered via Email’
    • Pay for your order online
    • Once you have completed the checkout process, we will send you a confirmation email, which will contain full details of how to send your items to us. We strongly recommend you use a service which includes proof of postage and a tracking service. We will return your items using a tracked service
    • Once we receive your items we will return them to the address you have on your order within 10 working days