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Joby Action Clamp and Locking Arm

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    The Joby Action Clamp + Locking Arm provides a quick and easy way to mount your action camera to flat and round surfaces. The Locking Arm with articulating ball joints allow you to quickly position your GoPro at any angle, once your desired angle has been set, simply turn the locking knob to tighten the camera in place.

    The Locking Arm comes equipped with a removable tripod GoPro mount for GoPro users and a universal ¼”-20 screw for attaching other action cameras, such as the Sony Action camera. The Action Clamp with sliding arm will attach to objects up to 5cm in width and using the knob on the side you can tighten it securely for reduced vibrations and shaky footage.

    Removable GoPro Mount
    Remove the GoPRo and screw on a Sony Action Cam on the 1/4"-20 screw. The tripod mount can be used with any tripod.

    Action Clamp
    The sliding locking arm moves quickly to accommodate a surface as thin as a stop sign or a table up to 2" / 5cm in width. Screwing arm locks the sliding locking arm in place.

    Sliding locking arm
    Ingenious sliding design lets you quickly close the gap on surfaces and locks automatically as you tighten the screwing arm.

    Two locking arm pivot points
    Position your video camera at any angle you need with two pivot points that can rotate 360° and pivot 180° side to side.

    Lock your arm into place
    Tighten the arm to get a long-lasting, vibration-resistant angle for your video camera.

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