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Manfrotto Lumimuse Series 8 LED Light

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    With the Lumimuse Series 8 LED on-camera Lights you can boost lighting levels and brighten your low-light videos and photographs simply, economically and easily. Simply attach to the hot shoe – or even hold separately, or mount on a stand to illuminate subjects in a more interesting manner – turn on, and shoot. Their small frame fits easily into pockets and pouches alike, without weighing you down, or spoiling the cut of your clothing.

    The internal lithium-ion battery contributes towards the units’ small size and reduces running costs, while providing around an hour of illumination. The Lumimuse 8 Led is the premiere model in the Lumimuse range, featuring 8 LEDs and a 550 lux @1m output. Rather than the fixed mount of other models, the Lumimuse 8 is supplied with a mini ball-head, enabling more nuanced lighting techniques.

    The Lumimuse series of LEDs are fantastic compact lighting devices offered by Manfrotto. These LEDs offer real value for money with cutting edge technology and performance as well as being extremely portable - even when compared to the current crop of enthusiast level LED offerings.

    All Lumimuse LEDs have been designed from the ground up to be uniquely beautiful as well as functional. They offer brand new super-bright surface-mount LED technology and superb colour accuracy, not to mention excellent battery life. In addition to all this, each Lumimuse has compatible colour filters and mounting options for cameras and tripods to give superb flexibility for your lighting needs.

    The Lumimuse 8 Led is the largest and brightest LED in the Lumimuse range but is still ultra-portable. Keeping a couple of Lumimuse in your kit bag will give your portable lighting set a real kick without all the extra weight and space needed for traditional lighting. The Lumimuse is great for lighting in myriad situations with excellent maximum light output and 4 step dimming to regulate light intensity.

    The USB rechargeable Li-on batteries provide superb battery life allowing you to make the most of the photo/video shoot.

    Along with the hot shoe mount, this kit includes a standard 1/4" thread, to enable you to attach it directly to a tripod or alternative supports.

    . Also included in each kit a set of snap-fit filter mount and filters which modify the colour temperature and diffusion of the light; you can simultaneously use up to 3 to achieve various effects.

    The filters and filter mount are all supplied with they own carrying case. Better yet, you can also buy accessory filter kits with additional filter colours to create even more unique images.

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