• A picture of Nikon Speedlight SB-5000
  • A picture of Nikon Speedlight SB-5000
  • A picture of Nikon Speedlight SB-5000

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Nikon Speedlight SB-5000

Product Code: 5281594

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    With the SB-5000 professional flashgun (the successor to the Nikon SB-910), Nikon has managed to create a powerful lighting tool that can be used on or off-camera which has control, intelligence and great usability. It is the first Nikon Speedlight to be equipped with a radio-controlled Advanced Wireless Lighting function, and with a cooling system that enables more than 100 continuous full-power flashes.

    Radio-controlled Advanced Wireless Lighting
    Wireless radio control removes the need for a direct line of sight between the master and the slave, and increases reliability when shooting in bright sunlight. Radio control makes wireless multiple flash photography easier in situations where conventional optical control is difficult, such as when remote flash units are positioned behind objects or at greater distances, or when ambient lighting is very bright (supports a communication range of up to approx. 30 m). A more flexible multi-flash system supports capture of even more creative photographic works with advanced wireless lighting. The radio control implemented in the SB-5000 requires a compatible DSLR using the WR-A10 Wireless Remote Adapter and WR-R10 Wireless Remote Controller in order to fully realize the power of the system.

    Cooling System
    Designed for reliability as well as versatility, the innovative built-in cooling system of the SB-5000 is a first for shoe-mounted flashes. It vents heat quickly and efficiently, allowing you to fire up to 100 consecutive full power flashes without issue. In addition, the new cooling system enables this compact flash unit to achieve 120 shots at 5-second intervals, or 84 shots at 3-second intervals without overheating. As the cooling system keeps the Speedlight from overheating, professional and advanced amateur photographers can enjoy more comfortable and active flash photography. It also means that the flash can be made smaller without compromising performance. This new design also ensures speedy and intuitive operation, implementing an Info button for fast access to some of your most commonly used settings.

    Fantastic Useability with improved operation
    Despite its smaller size, SB-5000 operation has been refined by assigning a number of functions to the rotary multi selector and OK button. Adoption of an button, which offers quick access to frequently used functions, also contributes to more efficient operation. What's more, when the SB-5000 is used with the D5 or D500, even more agile and flexible flash photography is possible.

    Additional Features

    • Bounce capability: Flash head tilts down to 7° or up to 90°, and rotates horizontally 180° to the left and right
    • +/- 3.0EV Compensation
    • High output flash with a guide number of 34.5 in FX format and 41 in DX format, at ISO 100, m/ft, 35mm zoom head position, standard illumination pattern.
    • Power zoom function with which the SB-5000 automatically adjusts the zoom head position to match lens focal length FX format
    • Standard illumination pattern: 24-200 mm (14 mm with the built-in wide panel in place) DX format
    • Standard illumination pattern: 16-200 mm (10 mm with the built-in wide panel in place)
    • Automatic switching of zoom head position with detection of the camera's image area setting—FX or DX format—for optimal angle of flash coverage


    Guide No. (at ISO 100/m) 34.5
    Bounce Yes
    Zoom Yes
    AF Illuminator Yes
    Type Nikon AF