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PGYTECH Osmo Action UV Filter Pro

Product Code: 5346551

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    The Osmo Action UV Filter Pro filter mainly prevents UV light from entering the camera, avoiding blue light to affect the images, at the sea, mountain and other open areas, where the light can be bluish or whitish. Using the UV filter in high mountains or altitude, increases the distance field of the shot and makes for a clear shot.It also provides protection to the camera.

    Multi-layer coating
    Nanometer-scale, double-sided, multi-layer vacuum coating process ensures a first-class waterproof, oil-proof, dust-proof, and anti-scratch protector.

    SCHOTT Optical Glass
    Uses German SCHOTT glass as its base material utilizing multiple grinding and polishing processes.

    Fast Attachment
    Directly attach the filter to ensure its anti-water and anti-dust capacity, which can be damaged by replacing the original filter.