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Removu S1 Smart Gimbal Stabiliser for GoPro

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    The Removu S1 is the 3-axis gimbal, compatible with all GoPro cameras. The S1 can be mounted anywhere a GoPro can be mounted. Mount it to your body, a bike, a helmet, wherever you would mount a GoPro. The S1 also comes with a detachable hand grip that is equipped with a wireless joystick remote, which will allow you to control your gimbal from a distance.

    The S1 is supplied with all brackets required for use with GoPro HERO5, 4, 3, 3+ and Session.

    Using three brushless DC motors and rotary sensors, the S1 delivers extremely stabilized professional shots, in any kind of activity. And with it’s unique mounting capabilities.

    Wireless operation
    The Removu S1 is fully controllable from a distance using the detachable wireless remote control. The wireless remote control is equipped with a joystick to allow you to change the cameras position and orientation.

    Handheld, Wearable, Mountable
    Removu S1 is the world’s first hand-held + mountable gimbal. The S1 handgrip can easy be detached from the S1 body, transforming the S1 into a mountable gimbal that can attached on any GoPro compatible mounting system.

    Rain & snow proof
    The S1 is designed to withstand harsh weather, so rain won’t stop you from getting your shots. The motors and body are specially designed to be water resistant.

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