• A picture of Sigma MC-21 Lens Mount Adapter Canon EF-L
  • A picture of Sigma MC-21 Lens Mount Adapter Canon EF-L

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Sigma MC-21 Lens Mount Adapter Canon EF-L

Product Code: 5345419

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    The Sigma MC-21 Mount Converter allows Sigma SA mount and Sigma's Canon EF mount interchangeable lens owners to use their lenses on L-Mount camera bodies. The converter allows more freedom of choice for L-Mount cameras, enhancing the extensibility of the L-Mount system.

    Effective use of existing lenses
    Attaching the MC-21 to your collection of SIGMA SA mount and SIGMA’s CANON EF mount compatible lenses allows them to be used as L-Mount system lenses, promoting the effective use of lenses already owned.

    Simple interface
    Whether the mounted lens is compatible or not is instantly visible from the color and the on/off of the MC-21's built-in LED. The LED also notifies the user when a lens firmware update is available.

    Lens data is pre-loaded
    Running the data pre-loaded in the MC-21 for each lens by the special control program, autofocus and aperture control have been optimized. Regarding lenses to be released in the future, data for operating these lenses via the MC-21 will be stored in the lens. It means no firmware updates of the MC-21 will be required to use those new lenses. In addition, the MC-21 also supports correction functions of camera such as peripheral illumination, chromatic aberration of magnification, and distortion.