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STC Screen Protector Sony A7 III

Product Code: 5333801

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    As our imaging devices continue to increase in value, so the importance of protection also increases.

    STC’s wide range of high-quality screen protectors provide reassuring protection, whilst offering the same exceptional optical qualities as the filter range, for image-makers at all levels. Whether shooting with smartphones, compact system cameras, or DSLRs, STC has you covered.

    Ultrarmor Tempered Glass Protector

    The ultimate invisible armour for your camera’s touch screen.

    Using the same quality 0.3mm glass as STC’s lens filter range, the STC Ultrarmor Screen Protector provides exceptional accuracy and the ultimate protection for your camera screen.

    Product highlights:

    • Ultra-slim 0.3mm laser-cut optical tempered glass with polished smooth- rounded edge, providing accurate responsiveness and 99% high definition clarity
    • Industry-leading harness 9H chemical strengthened glass to protect screens from shattering
    • Multiple anti-smudge, anti-reflectivity, blue-light cut coating, prevents excessive fingerprinting and makes the film easy to keep clean
    • 80μm thick optical clear silicone adhesive adheres to camera screen with zero gaps or bubbles and is simple to install