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Used Olympus FL-36R Flashgun

Product Code: FOLYMCA185334242

Price £28


The FL-36R electronic flash unit has been developed especially for use in digital photography. It offers GN 36 at a focal length of 42mm (equivalent to 85mm on a 35mm camera: ISO 100), and GN 20 at a focal length of 12mm (equivalent to 24mm on a 35mm camera: ISO 100).


  • Option of TTL-Auto, auto and manual modes
  • Compact and light weight design
  • New super energy saving circuitry
  • You can work with a high GN even when using a wide-angle lens
  • The head swivels not just vertically but also horizontally
  • Equipped with the unique-to-Olympus super FP mode
  • Flash coverage is automatically adjusted to the image area in several steps during zooming
  • With the Olympus digital SLR, you can adjust the flash intensity in 1/3 EV steps, and it also offers features such as red-eye reduction, slow synchronisation and second curtain synchronisation
  • Power supply: two AA batteries or one LB-01 lithium battery


Battery Compatibility Fitting AA
Guide No. (at ISO 100/m) 36
Bounce Yes
Zoom Yes
Swivel Yes
Type Olympus AF, Dedicated