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Introducing the world’s smallest system camera (with viewfinder, as of 7/3/10) All the control of a digital SLR with ultra compact dimensions and a truly stunning feature set.

12 Megapixel Live MOS Sensor
The Live MOS sensor gives the superior quality of a CCD sensor with the lower power consumption of CMOS. The sensor in the G10 benefits too from low noise and very fast image processing to allow for smooth Live View (processed 60 times per second).

Full Time Live View
This is where the Panasonic G10 pits itself against digital SLR cameras. Its full time Live View function is coupled with the high resolution 202,000-dot Live Viewfinder (LVF). The primary colour RGB display updates 180 times a second for a complete image refresh 60 times per second.

It really benefits against digital SLR cameras here because you are previewing the image as the sensor sees it, and in fine detail. Consecutive Live View shooting is possible in JPEG at up to 2.6 frames per second and with 100% field of view either on the LVF or 3-inch LCD screen.

Intelligent Resolution Technology
This very sophisticated imaging technology recognises areas of a scene as outlines, textured areas or smooth areas, and so enhances image quality to give sharper and more lifelike images.

Intelligent Auto (iA)
In this mode the camera sets the functions according to the situation, leaving you to frame your composition. Modes employed are as follows:

  • Still images: Shake Detection, Motion Detection, Face Detection AF/AE (with Face Recognition), Scene Detection (recognises scene types), Subject Detection and Light Detection
  • Movies: Shake Detection, Face Detection, Scene Detection, Subject Detection, Light Detection.
All iA modes make the most of Intelligent Resolution Technology.

3.0” LCD Monitor
Featured with high 460,000-dot resolution, wide viewing angle and 11-step Intelligent LCD Technology which automatically adjusts LCD brightness according to how bright the conditions are.

Venus Engine HD II Processor
The “Engine Room” of the G10 is this extra efficient processor which allows up to 380 images to be shot on a single battery charge along with fast 0.3-second focusing and 60fps Live View and HD movies…

HD Movie Recording
The Lumix DMC-G10 will record HD movies in 720p Motion JPEG format, plus smaller sizes. Intelligent Auto and Film Mode (fine colour adjustment, outlined below) can be used for movies as well as still images. Wind Cut reduces wind noise too. The G10 is equipped with HDMI connection with an optional cable to connect to your HD TV and Viera Link provides easy control when connected to compatible Panasonic TVs.

AF Modes
As found on good digital SLR cameras, the G10 has several focusing modes as outlined below:

  • 23-Area AF
  • Face Detection
  • AF Tracking
  • Single AF Frame (point AF) with variable size

My Color and Film Modes
“My Color” modes allow you to create artistic effects from the following choices: Expressive, retro, pure, elegant, monochrome, dynamic art, silhouette, and custom (set your own colour, brightness and saturation).
With Film Mode you can more subtly customise your image colour like you would have done with a traditional camera by choosing different types of film. The choices are as follows:

  • For Colour: Standard, dynamic, smooth, nature, nostalgic, vibrant
  • For Black and White: Standard, dynamic, smooth.

Advanced Scene Modes
Choose from the following for a tailored image setup: Portrait, scenery, sports, closeup, and night portrait. The added bonus is that all of these are fine tuneable.

Additional Features
  • Manual Mode with on-screen exposure guide
  • Guide Lines (ideal for architecture and landscape photography)
  • My Menu (easily access the 6 most often used functions)
  • Intelligent ISO Control
  • Extra Optical Zoom (3 megapixels)
  • Histogram (analyse exposure)
  • Slideshow with music
  • Built-in flash (GN11) with +/-2EV adjustment in 1/3 steps plus 1st or 2nd curtain sync
  • Dust Reduction (short 50,000/sec vibration each time camera is switched on)
  • 4 Aspect Ratios
  • RAW mode
  • Peripheral Defocus